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Felling small trees up to 380mm including takedown of hung-up trees using hand tools - CS31

2 Day Course

Course Objectives

  • Correctly assess the situation prior to free felling a straight open grown tree up to a maximum of 380mm diameter, with the aid of wedges and/or a felling lever, and fell it in a chosen direction.
  • Remove limbs from felled trees and cross cut, handle and stack timber in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Identify types of timber, potential hazards and stresses, correctly assess if timber is in compression or tension, and select the appropriate technique to deal with the particular situation.
  • Take down hung up trees using hand tools.
  • Recognise situations where specialist help is required.

NB: In undertaking the above objectives, the operator should wear the correct protective clothing, and be standing on firm ground. The chainsaw should never be operated above shoulder height.