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Mobile Elevated Work Platforms - MEWPs

1 Day Course

Course Objectives

  • Identify the basic construction and components, and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges.
  • Identify and comply with manufacturers instructions in accordance with the operator’s handbook, other information sources i.e. duties charts, and applicable legislation.
  • Explain all relevant documentation.
  • Explain all displayed information on the machine.
  • Carry out pre-start and running checks.
  • Carry out emergency lowering procedures.
  • Operate controls from ground level, and from within the working platform.
  • Manoeuvre/travel the MEWP involving tight turns and limited access, using both forward and reverse motions.
  • Travel the MEWP with the platform in a raised position (self-propelled only.
  • Position the platform up to maximum working height.
  • Keep within safe working parameters.
  • Place the machine in an out-of-service condition.
  • Explain the loading and unloading procedures on and off a transporter


Who are the courses for?

Anyone who uses or will be using a mobile elevated work platform (scissor or boom – vehicle mounted or self-propelled) in the land-based industries or construction industry.